Want to be involved?


The School Association


All parents are members of the School Association by way of having a student enrolled at the school.  The School Association Committee is an elected group where parents are involved in supporting and advising the school on different aspects of school life. There are ten elected members on the Association. In 2021  a new committee will be established.  Every parent who has at a child at Richmond Primary is automatically a member of the School Association and as such are welcome to attend our School Association meetings which are scheduled approximately every six weeks.


If committees are not your thing then please give some consideration to helping out in one of the following ways:


  • Volunteering to assist the School Association committee at one of the many school events
  • Contacting your child’s classroom teacher and offering to assist by being ‘parent help’ in the classroom.  Please note:  all volunteers and parent helpers must have a Working with Vulnerable People (RWVP) card.
  • Accompanying  a class on excursion to assist with student supervision
  • Cover books and other  resources in the library
  • Spend some time in our community garden