Our School Canteen


Our canteen has taken on a new healthy, whole foods, low preservative approach to develop tasty meals.  After 12 months of trials we think we have just about got the ‘formula’ right.


We aim for our ‘garden to plate’ meals to be both healthy, nutritious and in line with the emerging Health and Wellbeing syllabus within the Australian Curriculum.  All schools are being asked to reassess and re-visit their philosophy around health and wellbeing with a particular focus on food and exercise.  Our school has engaged with the Move Well Eat Well (MWEW) program and is also working with Canteens Tasmania to have our canteen menu accredited under their Platinum, Gold, Amber and Red rating system. Our school recently achieved Platinum status for our menu.


At the core of our canteen’s functioning are the following elements:


  • Student involvement at all levels: growing, preparing, and serving food.
  • A healthy approach to eating which embodies the preparation of meals using fresh, low preservative whole food and limits occasional or treat foods.
  • An explicit focus on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity as essential to our own wellbeing.


Of course your input and assistance will be both welcome and required.  If you can help out in any way in the garden, kitchen or to be ‘hands on’ in the canteen please make contact via the school office.